NaBloPoMo – My Cats and Photo Apps


NaBloPoMo – My Cats and Photo Apps

As you may have already guessed, I’m only posting photos taken and processed on my phone for NaBloPoMo 2014. I’ve had some great feedback on the processing! My favourite app is Google Photos that comes with Google +. There are lots of styles and presets, many of which can be modified, as well as manual tonal adjustments, HDR, Drama, B&W, Vignettes and Frames. Personally I find this the most versatile and comprehensive free app for artistic processing.

I’ve just added the Adobe Photoshop Express App and Adobe Photoshop Touch. I think they both give some good quality, basic adjustments. PS Touch has some really great features, akin to Photoshop CC or CS6, that I think I need to investigate further. They should be brilliant for my abstract work! Whoever would have thought that you could create layers in a phone app!!! Images that are processed in Touch are saved to Creative Cloud so I can download them as needed. The PS Elements app comes with free basic adjustments but you pay for their “premium” filters. Worth it just for the noise reduction! I paid for PS Touch app as I really think I can have a lot of fun with it on-the-go. I think it would work much better on a tablet than the smartphone but we shall have to see what I can create with it!

For today I’ve photographed our two cats and processed a version in both Google Photos and PS Touch to see what you think of the quality and artistic enhancements.

Juno – Original, Google Photos, PS Touch

Luna – Original, Google Photos, PS Touch


Cute Caturday!


It’s NaBloPoMo time and I will attempt a photo a day throughout November, alongside regular challenges! Today I’m posting a rather cute photo of one of our cats, Luna, from my phone.

I think my Sony Xperia and the Android app for WordPress will be a great help in sharing so many posts over the month! Hope you enjoy them all 🙂


Travel Theme: Close-Up

Travel Theme: Close-Up

Travel Theme: Close-Up

It’s been a while since I shared any photos of our lovely, little cats, Juno and Luna, so today is a Caturday Close-Up!

What big eyes you’ve got Luna!! Whatever is the reason for this wide-eyed stare? It might have something to do with our attempt to introduce them to the great outdoors today! I spent over an hour trying to coax the pair out with me on a lovely, sunny afternoon and they got as far as………

………heads out the window, tails firmly on the windowsill! Not at all what I was expecting from such curious cats!


Twelve Days ‘Til Christmas: On The Tenth Day

Twelve Days 'Til Christmas: On The Tenth Day

Daily Prompt: My Number One

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CHERISH.

On the tenth day of Christmas, whatever did I see?
Ten cats-a-waiting,
Nine lady dancers,
Eight cows for milking,
Seven ducks-a-swimming,
Six troopers trooping,
Four friends at Wisley,
Three kids and Chitty,
Two pipers playing
A Santa with a rabbit on his knee!

Going away to Banbury for a great night of music is great fun but it’s lovely coming home to our cherished girlies, Juno and Luna 🙂

I love creating these photomontages for many reasons. Most of all I love doing them for Simon, just to see the look of pride in his face. My biggest fan, my strongest supporter, my number one!


Daily Prompt: My Precious

Daily Prompt: My Precious

Daily Prompt: My Precious

What else could I possibly post for this prompt! Our two precious girls, Luna and Juno.

They both want to wish Mr Bowie well for his exploratory surgery tomorrow. Paws will be crossed! Mr Bowie is clearly very precious to his human, Herman. Our thoughts are with you.


Cat’s Castle


Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Luna and Juno have a grand, new, play house! Luna likes to be the boss, sitting at the top. Juno was on it before Simon had even managed to finish building it!


Lap Cats

Lap Cats

It’s hard to photograph the girls when they’re both sitting on my lap 😉

Luna likes to sit up on a chair when she’s not on my lap. It has a comfy base and she’s at the right height to see what we’re all doing!

Juno likes to sit somewhere totally inconvenient! Right now she’s sitting on me feet. Earlier she was on her second favourite lap, Simon’s laptop!