Unlocking The Landscape Part 5

The Towpath is popular with dog-walkers

Unlocking The Landscape Part 5

Jude (The Earth Laughs In Flowers) commented the other day how much she liked the processing of the Lock Gate photos, that they were reminiscent of a Constable Painting. John Constable was well known for producing romantic images of the English Landscape and I often find that his visions are in the back of my mind when I’m out photographing scenes and later processing them at home. This one’s for you Jude!

Lock Gates with a painted effect

New four-legged friends:

The towpath of the Basingstoke Canal is very popular with dog-walkers. The dogs themselves just love it out there! New friends to make, lots of interesting smells, sticks, squirrels, ducks, people, children and the water itself. I really love meeting dogs out on the path and very often have an interesting chat with their owners, many of whom are passionate about the local environment and have a good eye for the wildlife too. It was a dog walker who first alerted me to the appearance of our two lovely kingfishers!

And some old favourites:

Part of Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape


Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Textured And Endearing

Her Best Friend

Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Textured And Endearing

I’m actually a bit late with my post this week! It’s been a busy one. I very nearly used this image for last week’s Travel Theme: Simplify, as the photo was taken in a busy park with numerous distractions in the background that I’d needed to eliminate. I decided to do this using several textured masking layers in Photoshop, to draw the viewers focus back to the endearing portrait of the girl with her young puppy.

You can create your own textures to use in this way simply by photographing interesting textured scenes or objects. Rocks, fabrics, bricks and handmade paper are all great for this! There are a number of websites offering free texture downloads for personal and commercial use and right here on WordPress you can visit Public Domain Textures for a wide selection to choose from. Thank you to Leanne Cole for introducing me to the blog, for which she is a regular contributor!


Monochrome Madness: Best Friends

Monochrome Madness: Best Friends

Monochrome Madness: Best Friends

This is Mylie with their family dog, Samui. Taking this photograph transported me to my childhood, reminding me of the relationship my siblings and I had with our first family pet, William. I thought it would be a great entry for Monochrome Madness.

Monochrome Madness is a weekly challenge set up by blogging friends, Leanne Cole and Laura Macky. I love both of their blogs! Lots of inspiration, advice and wonderful images.




This is Enzo. He’s just four months old and belongs to my cousin and her family.

My Aunt is dog-sitting whilst they’re on their summer holidays. Today she, my mum, my sister and brother-in-law all came along to Basingstoke Canal with me for a walk. It was all new to Enzo and he was soon immersed in doggy heaven!

Water, ducks, insects, sticks, people, bikes, babies and other dogs! The excitement was almost overwhelming.

He’s a very good little dog though and it was lovely watching him bouncing about with joy and jumping in and out of the shallows.

Do come again Enzo and bring a ball to throw and fetch! Please bring your family too, I’d love to see them.