One Four Challenge: February Week 3

One Four Challenge: February Week 3

One Four Challenge: February Week 3

February is flying by and we’re already onto the third week of this month’s One Four Challenge, hosted by Robyn Gosby at Captivate Me. Some of you may have guessed by now that I’m attempting to recapture the feel and look of Fine Art processes that I have used in the past. This month’s edit is inspired by the very short experience I had of print making during my A level studies. I really loved it! I made a series of self portraits using lino, block and screen printing techniques. I’ve tried to capture the essence of those techniques in this pop-art style image.

Photoshop CC
Clean up base
Select Figure with Polygonal Lasso
Refine Edge
Layer Via Copy
Add grey background
Invert Difference Blending (Save Portrait 1)
Invert Divide Blending (Save Portrait 2)
Invert Normal
Copy Figure Layer
Multiply Blending
Invert Screen Blending (Save Portrait 3)

Create New 3×2 Ratio White Background
Copy and Paste in all 3 Portraits
Arrange with right hand figure as 1st Layer
Use Polygonal Tool to select and remove white overlapping areas
Use Soft Low opacity Eraser to blend images

Greater Than Gatsby
Soft Pearl Matte 20%
Reduce Noise
Your New Aesthetic 25%
Brilliant Dance 20%
Vinyl Revival 30%
Painterly Soft 20%
Flatten Image

Use masking brush to reduce clarity and and sharpness to areas of skin while increasing clarity to hair and facial features

Colour Efex Pro
Tonal Contrast Fine
Classical Soft Focus and Diffuse selectively
Colourise Soft Pink
Pro Contrast
Glamour Glow Cool

53 comments on “One Four Challenge: February Week 3

  1. This is awesome and I love how you incorporated all the processes / tools to create it. Very cool image and definitely think you succeeded the goal. I love it!

  2. Oh so lovely! And I agree, hard to see you fading…but love this version so much. It is in such good taste and each version is enough on their own, they compliment each other so well!

  3. I think I am a bit too tired to fully appreciate what you have done here, someone commented on Andy Warhol, I only slightly know his work but yours seems more subtle and artist than his to me. I like the graduations, tho felt the last image needed a tiny hint of blue to tie it together fully. I liked the middle one of the three the most πŸ™‚

    • That was me saying that I wanted a bit of a pop art feel without it looking too Warhol!! Thank you, I wanted a more subtle look πŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll have to try adding some blue for the April review month? Love reading the comments and suggestions πŸ˜€

      • Oh good, I was VERY tired last night, in fact I ended up going to bed without finishing commenting on this round cos I couldnt concentrate at all!

      • Yes I have had to do it in stages and have completely passed on all the wk 2 images as I was away at a conference in Australia for 4 days – hence the tiredness!

      • yes I have that problem cos the rest of the world comes online and comments while im asleep and I get to see them during the work day and really shouldnt be commenting…..

  4. Fantastic set of images. I like them all, each has a quite different impact. Having been away for a few weeks, I missed the initial posts, but now I am really looking forward to Week IV.

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