Blue Monday and Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place – Messing About In Boats

Port of Newhaven Lighthouse

Blue Monday and Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place – Messing About On Boats

The WPC theme Happy Place is such a broad one for me that I thought I would keep everyone’s week brightened with a Happy-Place-A-Day! As Sally, who hosts Blue Monday, will agree, blue is definitely a happy colour, and I have plenty of it for you all to start the week off with.

“Nice? It’s the only thing,” said the Water Rat solemnly as he leant forward for his stroke. “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing—absolute nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Simply messing,” he went on dreamily: “messing—about—in—boats”

I’ve always loved the water, whether it be pond, lake, stream, river or the open sea! A few weeks ago Simon and I joined our friends for the day as they moved their boat, from its mooring at Newhaven, to the marina at Brighton. It was such a perfect day for it! Just enough wind, calm waters, blue skies and fluffy clouds, warm autumn sunshine and the tranquility that comes with switching off the motor and raising the sails. What truly made this a Happy Place for me was being able to spend quality time with Simon, to see him happy and rested!

Simon at the helmThere was so much photographic inspiration on our journey! I’m holding a few back but thought I’d share some views of the coastline and out to sea. I very nearly posted some of these for last week’s WPC Boundary theme. They’re accompanied by a simple haiku.


Between sky and sea
The boundary line is set
At infinity

I thought that I’d also add a small gallery of photographs, taken on our day out, that I’ve shared over the last couple of weeks, to put them into context. I’ve loved all the comments that they’ve received! It’s clear from what you’ve all said that these scenes have brought you all a sense of peace and joy that we certainly enjoyed while out on the boat. Thank you Sarah and Bruce, it was an absolute treat 🙂

Follow the link below to find out more about Blue Monday!

Smiling Sally

32 comments on “Blue Monday and Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place – Messing About In Boats

      • I can feel seasick just looking at waves and actually a still sea on a boat can be just as bad! I’m not so bad on larger ferries 🙂

      • I’d be fine if I drove the boat 😀
        I have always had motion sickness, it improved in my teens thank goodness or I would have never travelled anywhere, but even now I hate being a passenger in a car.

      • I’ve never been great in the back of vehicles! Up front in a car I can read, edit photos, navigate, sleep, all as a passenger of course 😉 I’m not good on buses for reasons of being thrown about like a sack of potatoes does my back in! Years ago on school trips I was always put at the front of coaches as no one wanted alternative consequences. It’s funny how motion affects us in such different and sometimes random seeming ways! I can keep my balance on a boat but not on a train. I suppose with driving a boat you’re looking at the horizon, at where you’re heading which is what people are supposed to do to prevent seasickness! Apparently eating all the time helps too.

  1. I could be very happy on that boat, at any time. The shots you got are beautiful, especially with those storm clouds. And that final shot? Glorious!

    • Thanks Emilio 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get out a bit more with our friends! Maybe not til next spring though. I love the ever changing skies on the coast 🙂 The English Chanel is notorious for it which makes it fabulous for photography! I wouldn’t want to be out there in really rough weather though. There are busy shipping lanes and those cliffs get reshaped yearly by surging waves!

  2. Fabulous set, Sarah! What wonderful light on those cliffs! Now, I must say, I’m not sure how I would be on a boat….years since I’ve been on one, and I can suffer from motion sickness at times…..

  3. Wow what a beautiful set of images Sarah, the light on the white cliffs is stunning, and what a perfect sky scattered with cherub clouds. A beautiful and inspiring way to pass a day💕😊

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