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Blue Monday: Macaw


Blue Monday: Macaw

We came across this Blue and Gold Macaw, along with a number of other parrots, in a large, shaded square in the centre of Rhodes Old Town. Now, I’m always a bit uncertain about the use of such intelligent, long-lived and sensitive birds within the tourist trade but this group did seem to be pretty healthy and well cared for. They weren’t being mobbed by tourists nor were neither handlers pushing them at people. What’s your view on this practice and have you ever paid to have your photo taken with an exotic animal whilst on holiday?


Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

Sparrows feeding on sunflowers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

Haiku: Contained

Dying sunflower
Repository of food
Tasty treats for all

Mylie on Flo, led by mum, Sam.

Wordless Wednesday: Proud

Back Home & Back To Work

Flower Girl

We’re back in the UK from our Greek Island travels and straight back to work! Sometimes my work really is an absolute pleasure though :-)

Sorry to have been neglecting you all but I’ll be doing my best to catch up properly when I’m a little less busy!

Blue Monday: Busy Bee

Blue Monday: Busy Bee

The gardens are all just heavenly for bees at the moment! In a few days time Simon and I will be on Kos, one of the beautiful Greek Islands. I’m really looking forward to a bit of Kos Thyme Honey on fresh bread for my breakfasts :-) Thyme flourishes all over the island which is also dotted with clusters of Greek-blue beehives! Driving along the roads of Kos with the windows down is a wonderfully fragranced journey :-)

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Shine Between

Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Shine Between

Haiku: The Bride

Shining between them
Precious day of transition
Resplendent in love

Travel Theme: Fresh

Travel Theme: Fresh

Well, I rather hope the photo speaks for itself this week :-)

Lilies For Lou

Every year I remember my friend and former housemate, Lou, with flowers for her birthday. I saw these wonderful burgundy lilies at RHS Wisley Gardens on Sunday and instantly thought of her! Lilies were another of Lou’s favourites and she had a number of them growing in the garden. Lou just loved this time of year for the abundance of flowers. She may be lost to us but she’s not really gone from this world or our lives.

She’s by my side when I’m in the gardens, if I see a black and white cat, when the tennis is on, when I see a yacht, watching the rugby, drinking pimms or rosé, when I see one of her favourite films, listening to 80’s rock music, eating tiramisu, loading the dishwasher (she never could get it right!), if I see a frog (she was terrified of them but Smudge, the cat, used to bring them in as gifts for her) and whenever I pick up the car keys! I was always loosing my keys so Lou brought me a Nemo key ring from Euro Disney. Now I’m always Finding Nemo ;-)

Lou on the left and me on the right

Lou is always in my heart and on my mind. I have so many wonderful memories of a very special person!

Ian Spagnolo Photography

Photography by Ian Spagnolo, Coffs Harbour & Sawtell

C R Photography

capturing the little things in life

sabrina jones

my photography

Visual Venturing

Because everyone likes pictures.


Stop, Look, and See..

Drawing with Light

adventures in photography

J.T. Avery Photography

Landscape Photography


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