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Kastri Island

Travel Theme: Numbers

At the time of writing this post there are 210 days until Simon and I get married on beautiful Kastri Island in Kos, Greece! Our special date is 29/05/2015. We’re going to have the most wonderful time with just a small number of close family and friends. I’m so excited to be sharing our love of this wonderful Greek Island with our guests, as well as having them with us on the day I finally become Mrs Williams :-)


Wordless Wednesday: Nerine

Boris Bikes

Blue Monday: Boris Bikes

In 2010 a public hire bicycle scheme was launched in London, contracted by TFL and sponsored by Barclays. Our legendary mayor of London, Boris Johnson, was one of the key politicians involved in introducing the scheme and has been such a huge supporter that most of us affectionately call the scheme Boris Bikes. There will be a new sponsor in 2015  so I don’t know what colour they will be then, but the unmistakable blue bicycles have become a prominent feature on the streets of London.

Boris has been an infamous figure of British politics for a long time now and always provides us with as many laughs as policies in his role as Mayor of London. I found this great Telegraph article with 50 of Boris’s Best Ever Quotes that was published to celebrate his fiftieth birthday this year. They’re hilarious! I also found a YouTube topic page especially dedicated to our Mayor. Do have a look through whenever you need a giggle, but in the meantime I’ve picked out a short video from after the London Olympics, which includes one of my favourite Boris moments of all time! Enjoy :-)

Heron hunting

Silent Sunday


Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

This week, let’s play with light! Show us what refraction means to you.

Simply put – Light + Glass + Camera = Abstract Delight!

Zebra Longwing

Wordless Wednesday: Zebra Longwing

Self Portrait in Hospital

Travel Theme: Broken

Well that’ll be me then! This post comes as a way of explaining my late responses to you all for comments on my posts over the last week or so. Both my immune and nervous systems are well and truly broken resulting in Crohn’s and Fibromyalgia. My consultants and I do everything we can to stabilise my conditions and I have a lot of support, especially from my wonderful Simon, to enable me to have as full a life as I can. I think you all know that I get a lot of joy and happiness out of life and I make the very best of the good days. This might be wordy so I’ll break it up with some pretty pictures! They were taken on my phone in the beautiful and quirky Igloo Flowers shop in an old Victorian Arch  in the underpass that leads from Guy’s Hospital to London Bridge Underground station. I’d like to dedicate these flowers to all my fellow bloggers with chronic and life limiting illnesses like mine. You know who you are!

Sometimes things can go rather wrong for me. They certainly did last week! My teeth are in a bad way because of the Crohn’s and I’m seeing dentists at Guy’s Hospital in London now. On Tuesday one of my molars had to be removed as it’s been badly broken for a long time and I’ve been getting persistent infections. We still don’t know exactly what went so wrong but it’s suspected that the very large amount of local anaesthetic that I was given, alongside the severity of the infection, sparked off a really bad Fibromyalgia attack.

It hit me full on, without any warning, while mum and I were on the train heading home. I know I scared mum and I probably freaked out the other passengers too! It’s probably a bit like watching someone having a fit. Uncontrollable shakes, extreme sweating, complete weakness and horrific pain everywhere. To my shame and horror I had to be lifted off the train at my home station, by paramedics, before being rushed into my second hospital of the day. I do apologise to passengers on the 16:55 from Waterloo last Tuesday for having delayed the train! I just hope nobody missed any connections at Woking.

It was close to midnight before I was allowed home with Simon. The following day I still felt like I’d been in a car crash and my local GP prescribed some extra antibiotics as I still had a very high temperature. I so wish that that was the end of the sorry tale but by Friday my face was complete agony! My local dentist confirmed that the infection had spread through my upper and lower jaw and added in a third antibiotic, called Metronidazole, and codeine to take between doses of tramadol. Yes, shake me, I rattle!

I’m still in a lot of pain but I’m finally on the mend from at least this particular episode! The hospital will probably have to put me out before removing any more broken teeth. I’m not going through all that again I can tell you! My main image above is actually a self-portrait that I did in St Marks Hospital (a specialist bowel centre) the night before my fourth major abdominal surgery, three and a half years ago. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever share it but it certainly fits this week’s theme. The main thing is that I accept that I’m a bit broken, vulnerable and I do need a lot of help, but I’m certainly not useless.

I found a lot of strength in accepting my vulnerability. There’s no point in recriminations, regrets, guilt or anger. Life’s far too short for that and there’s so much to enjoy when you can. The help I get from my loved ones, friends and care workers enables me to do so much more than I’d be able to otherwise. I like to celebrate all the things I love in life through my photography and poetry, that you all enjoy what I do is a real confirmation that what I am able to do matters, that I matter.


Blue Monday: Fun Days

I love these fun photos I took of Zach running about and enjoying the sun at Hall Place and Gardens in Bexley :-)


Silent Sunday

Wordless Wednesday: Golden Days

Golden Days

Wordless Wednesday: Golden Days

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